Why keeping a sewing journal is important

Sewing Journal (1)

If you sew you probably have bits of notes and scribbled text written in various places. You know – that measurement on the pattern sheet there, and that fabric content or yardage on the envelope over there. Could even be a sticky note attached to a pattern piece to help you remember a change you […]

Curvy & Dressing Historical

1910 Maggie Lena Walker

  My, but the response on covering plus-sizes was intense when I asked for article ideas on the Facebook page! Thank you for the input! Appears many of you who are “busty lasses,” larger than size 18, and plus-size need to know more about historical patterns suitable for your “stout” figure and how to trim […]

Patterns for New Costumers

Patterns for Beginners1

First and foremost it’s all about the silhouette of the time period you want to achieve. You build the undergarments first then all the pretty things that go on top. But as a beginner you’re starting from ground zero. You have nothing…. Except maybe a bonnet or a petticoat or your grandmother’s fur jacket. And […]

Being real. A note from the heart

From the heart

While listening to a podcast from Steven Furtick last week, a moment of inspiration and conviction came over me to share some thoughts with you. An honest confession of my (costuming) life in the last few months. Most of my readers think of me researching Victorian fashions and prancing around the house in bustle dresses […]

Applying Hook & Eye Tape

Various Tapes 2

Yay! You’ve just finished the bodice proper but now you are faced with hand sewing on a dozen little hooks and corresponding eyes so you can actually close the bodice. Boo… At this point many costumers let the garment sit. Not that it needs a time out, but that they are simply not looking forward […]

1883 Summer Rose Tea Dress

1883 Rose Polonaise front2

Do you remember your first true historical costume? Did you like it? My first Victorian gown was made specifically for the first Costume College year I attended (in 2000) for the Sunday Fantasy Tea that year. Since I had been making my own clothes from the time I was in junior high (mid-1980s) I knew […]