Demystifying Victorian Bodice Construction

Bodice Construction

That moment when you are ready to jump into your first Victorian dress and hold out hope that it’s not as complicated as it “seams.” Because I’d been sewing clothes for about a dozen years before I got into historical costuming I wasn’t afraid. But so many I talked to in that early part of […]

6 Traits of Accomplished Historical Costumers

6 Traits of Accomplished

We all have those few REALLY good costumers who we look up to and admire. Your list of names may be similar to mine but both contain brilliant, creative people who astound and inspire us. We want to be them when we grow up! No matter the simplicity or detail produced by your sewing heroes, […]

Starching Petticoats

Petticoats Drying

Do you starch your petticoats? Like those that are required if you want a good historical silhouette? I’ll admit I don’t keep my petticoats freshly starched & pressed as much as I should. But I still remember the very first time I pressed a plain petticoat after starching for the first time. OMG! That “paper […]

1895 Nine-Gored Skirt from The Delineator No.7856

1895 9-gored skirt w-bias edges (1)

Straight from the pages of the September 1895 issue of The Delineator…. Pattern number 7856 a nine-gored skirt with matching bias seam edges. Oh, to be able to purchase this original pattern of the Late Victorian era! Here is the complete description of the pattern along with yardage requirements given in the magazine. I’ll also […]

Fabrics to Make Pretty Petticoats

Petticoat Fabrics1

Petticoats are those undergarments that invoke romantic notions, feelings of nostalgia, and visions of swirling colors from Oklahoma! If you’ve followed me for even a bit, you know I strongly support the wearing of petticoats. First, for historical costuming they provide much needed under-structure to support the silhouette; second, they are one of the easiest […]

Regency Corded Corset


Finally finished!! My, but this took me longer than I anticipated. I’d made Regency corsets before but not a fully corded one. I love all the details and can actually say this one is 100% done. (Yes, I even flossed all 8 gussets. Ha!) It’s very comfy, has six metal bones, wood busk and I […]